Here. For Good. Campaign.

Donations are accepted year-round, in support of our effort to help those in need.

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Here. For Good. Campaign.

Established in 1987 as the "Needy Family Fund" This campaign is a partnership between The Daily Item, Sunbury Broadcasting, Mifflinburg Bank & Trust, and administered by The Salvation Army Citadels of Sunbury & Milton. Once Again the 1994 Charles B. Degenstein Foundation is matching the first $50,000 donated to this campaign. Since the start, our community has raised more than $3 Million to help families in need through the holiday season and ensure financial stability through various hardships. Through these partnerships and the charitable support of the Susquehanna Valley, this campaign has helped 1,000's of families throughout the Susquehanna Valley. To ensure the future success of this campaign for those in need and looking to support this great cause in 2020 the name was modernized to "Here. For Good. Campaign." This change reflects the enduring mission of The Salvation and the Good work we continue to promote. As always these funds support families in need during the holiday season and through the year.

With our changes, donations are now accepted all year!